How Does Inflation Impact Churches?

November 4, 2022 | Daniel Shelton

This month, we are preaching about money and generosity in our series Too Much. To accompany this series, I plan to write a weekly blog post focusing on various aspects of finances and giving at Venture. Today, I'll try to answer the question of how inflation impacts the church.

Our worldwide economy has seen a significant amount of inflation over the last 18 months. It all seems to be rising, whether it’s the cost of gas, food, housing, or energy. This increase has also climbed at a pace not seen in many of our lifetimes. Most likely, you’re seeing these inflationary trends in your personal lives. While viewing these trends on a personal level is natural, have you ever considered how inflation impacts your church?

Impact on Expenses
In short, the church sees the same impact on our expenses that you have on yours. Utilities, transportation, and food costs are all components of our ministry, and they have all risen beyond what was initially projected. Our facility is heated by natural gas. So far this year, we’ve spent 45% more on gas than last year. That’s a difference of over $5,000! Other expenses related to transportation, supplies, and food are all trending beyond what we had planned for in our current fiscal year. Just like at home, we continually strive to live within our means. This means we strive to save in other expense areas to compensate for these higher costs.

Impact on Income
Churches are not only impacted by higher expenses when the economy is unstable. Oftentimes, giving decreases as well. Families in financial crisis have to examine all of their discretionary expenses. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to a reduction, or even elimination, in charitable giving. I’m grateful for those at Venture who have remained faithful in their generosity to our ministry. Only through your sustained commitment and God’s grace can we continually work to pursue our vision to seek Jesus and see you.

Ministry Continues Regardless
The truth is, none of us can predict the future. So while there’s no way to know what will happen with the economy, we do know this: there is a world that needs Jesus. It may sound cliché and trite, but at some point, the physical trappings of this world are finally realized as temporary and fleeting. It’s in these moments that the truth and hope of the Gospel shine ever brighter. For this reason, I long for Venture to be a church on mission. Unshaken by the world around us and forever investing in a ministry that will generate dividends in an eternal Kingdom.

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