The Benefits of Online Giving

November 9, 2022 | Daniel Shelton

“The Benefits of Online Giving”

My dad always carried cash. Maybe it was because he was just one generation away from the Great Depression. Perhaps it was the ever-looming threat of the Cold War. Regardless, he didn’t have much confidence in digital currency. Yes, he had the cards in his wallet, but the green money gave him fiscal security.

A generation later, his grandkids are hard-pressed to know what to do with physical money. Like it or not, our economy has become increasingly digitally focused. When it comes to Venture, we’re thankful for any method of financial support. This week, however, I’d like to focus on the benefits of online giving.

It Helps the Giver
Before we look at the benefits to the church, I think there is a benefit to the giver. Many of us pay our mortgage payments and utility bills automatically. Why? Because it’s important, and we don’t want to forget. We automate what’s important. When believers establish regular, recurring donations, they pre-determine this as an essential part of their spiritual lives. Some have asked if this method of giving is less spiritual. I don’t think so. Personally, I have a recurring gift that is processed on Sunday mornings. I see that emailed receipt and am reminded of that aspect of my worship. Even though it’s less spontaneous, I have intentionally prioritized that donation.

It Helps the Church
There will always be Sundays you may not be able to worship with us in person. Perhaps you’re traveling, sick, or serving elsewhere in our building that Sunday. Setting up an online recurring donation provides a more stable cash flow for our ministry. As a church, we always strive to be responsive to our giving trends and spend within our means. That has been harder in the last few years as monthly giving has seen more dynamic swings up and down. While the exact reasons for these fluctuations are hard to pinpoint, stable giving trends help our Finance Team make sound financial decisions.

How Do I Give Online?
People often ask, "What’s the best way to give?" The most important thing is simply that you’re engaged financially. If giving by cash, check, or digital currency helps you step into a lifestyle of giving, do it! If you are planning on giving electronically and are wondering which online method is the best for the church, consider the following:

  • Give a regular recurring donation. Even if you start with a little bit, put your toe in the water and set up a recurring donation of $5 weekly.
  • Consider setting up an ACH (Automated Clearing House) donation. This type of donation utilizes the routing and account number of your checking or savings account. These types of contributions are processed at a flat fee instead of a percentage fee charged when using a debit or credit card. (Fees are paid by the church, not the giver.)
  • The mechanics are straightforward. Go to This secure webpage will allow you to set up a recurring or one-time gift. You will also receive a receipt each time a donation is processed.

Is It Secure?
This is another question I often hear, and it’s completely understandable. Venture utilizes a service called Pushpay, which processes online transactions for churches worldwide. This service uses high-grade 256-bit certificates to ensure that your information is always protected. Your account information is never stored at Venture or visible to Venture employees. With the recent increase in mail theft, it’s widely believed that online giving to churches is now more secure than donating a physical check or cash. Regardless of how you give, know that you will receive an email confirmation every time we process a donation on your behalf.

If my dad were still alive, I wonder if he would have moved to online giving. If I’m being honest, probably not. But I know that he most likely would have still been giving faithfully to the church, as I saw my parents model their entire life. That regular act of worship, regardless of the method, is something I’m grateful to have witnessed.

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