Grades 7-12

Venture Students is a place where we love deeply, and we speak highly. A place to be real. A place where no one sits alone. A place to discover purpose. A place to help teens build their lives around knowing, loving, and serving Jesus.

Sunday Mornings

Foundation Class 

Join our Sunday morning program that focuses on teaching teens truth from Scripture. This time is used to help build students’ faith foundation on the Word of God.
Location: Student Center

Sunday Nights

September - May

  • SMALL GROUPS: Small groups, also known as D-groups, meet on Sunday nights and are an environment where students can laugh, learn, meet new friends, and have tons of fun, all while being held accountable to following Jesus. Small groups are divided by grade and gender.

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  • MOMENTUM: Momentum is the Student Ministry’s Sunday night worship service. Teens worship and learn in a student-specific service, geared to spark their passion for Jesus.


There’s a moment when Jesus looks at His disciples and says, “It’s better for me to leave you.” This might’ve been the first time they ever disagreed with Jesus, and the rest of us may disagree as well. Wouldn’t it be easier if Jesus had never left? Wouldn’t it be easier if He went to school with us, hung out with us, and sat with us while we did homework? We would never doubt! We would never sin! We would be passionate all the time about doing His work! However, for some reason, Jesus doesn’t agree, and He says it’s better for us if He leaves. In this conversation with the disciples, Jesus says, “Unless I leave you, the Advocate cannot come.” Who is this Advocate, this Third Person? He’s more commonly known as the Holy Spirit and Jesus talks about Him all the time in reference to the power all His people will receive when He comes. If we believe Jesus knew what He was talking about — and we do — then apparently, it’s better to have the Holy Spirit inside us rather than Jesus beside us. This year we will discover what it means to have the Spirit of the all-powerful God living inside us— giving us strength, changing us, and advocating for us. It is through Him that we have God alive within us. We worship the Father. We love Jesus, but it’s time for us to talk about the Third Person.

This year for Venture Students, we are going to focus on the Holy Spirit and how he plays a vital role in our lives. Our prayer this year is that students would learn to walk with and lean into the Holy Spirit in their day-to-day lives. Our challenge for the year is for students to say, “By the power of the Holy Spirit, I __________”. This blank will be filled in each week based on the topic we are discussing on Sunday night and our hope is that students will begin to live this phrase out.

Service Times:
Sundays on Venture's campus: 9a & 11a
Sundays at Venture Online: 9a, 11a, & 5p