What is the goal or purpose of life? What does a full, great, and joy filled life look like? Everyone deserves the opportunity to be the best they can be, but they often don’t know the road map to accomplish that! Jesus provides the best map for us to live life to the fullest.

1 John 2:6
“Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.”

Next Steps is a process to help students live a full life like Jesus through studying Him, His ministry, and His method to making disciples. 

The Next Steps process has three goals for students:

1. BE a disciple
2. BUILD a disciple making ministry
3. BEGIN a disciple making movement

How did the message of the gospel saturate the entire ancient world in less than 30 years without cars, the Internet or smartphones? It spread from person to person as early Christians obeyed Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples.” These believers followed Jesus' example. As they did, others came to know Him, and they in turn became Christians who discipled others, multiplying a movement.

Next Steps works with students to be a disciple, to build a disciple making ministry, and to begin a disciple making movement.

If you’re interested in learning more about following Jesus' example, click Phase 1 to learn about your first action step!

Phase 1 of our Next Steps journey is to learn where we are beginning personally. Students are not all in the same place spiritually. To begin to be a disciple of Jesus, it is important to know where we are starting!

Phase 1 Action Step:

Student-led Bible Study

On Wednesday evenings from 7-8p at Venture, 7th through 12th grade students gather to study the Bible. Students have the chance to ask theological questions in a safe place. This is also a great opportunity for students to encourage each other in their faith. We'd love for you to join! Contact  for more info.

After students have completed Phase 1, we encourage them to move on to Phase 2: serving regularly! In order to build a disciple making ministry, we have to understand how Jesus did it first! What better way to understand Jesus' ministry than putting ourselves in a position to serve others regularly? Our hope is that in this phase, students will build community across generations, explore their own passions and gifts, and begin placing others above themselves!

Phase 2 Action Step:


Use this link to sign up for serving at Venture. Students who regularly serve at Venture are what we call our Venture Students "Influencer Team". This team of students is taking a deeper step toward ownership at Venture. They understand selfless actions are, they have real community with other students, and they influence the temperature of our youth group! Influencer Team members receive monthly emails from Jake about what to expect at Venture Students in the coming month.


After students have been in Phase 2 for a few months, we encourage them to move on to Phase 3: Student Leadership Team! Our Student Leadership Team is made up of students who understand their role in the church, have walked in their influence, and are ready to lead. Every month, our SLT meets to discuss Venture Students culture, our blind spots, and new ideas. This group is action-oriented, and is a great way for students to learn how to begin a Disciple Making Movement

Phase 3 Action Step:

Student Leadership Team

Once students have been serving regularly for a semester, they are invited to join the Student Leadership Team! Contact Student Pastor Jake Smith for more info. 

Next Steps Sign-up

Service Times:
Sundays at: 9:30a & 11a